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Special Thanks to the people who make the tools I use; Instant Developer, Script Case, Microsoft, Code Charge, PHP, Java, XBasic, Javascript, MySQL, Alpha Soft, Crystal Reports, and many more.



Other sites and applications we have made
                 (We can't list a site unless we have explicit permissions to do so)

UpsLog for Car Dealers  Desktop application for car dealers to track their sales and productivity
Veteran's Diabetes Records  Desktop and free to any veteran of our government services
Alsie Sings Website  Personal website for Alsie Morris(the singer) showing off her talents
There are more if you request
  Prices estimated:

3 pages static website with up to two one picture galleries  99.00

1 desktop database with up to 2 tables, 2 forms, and 2 reports starts at 299 - typically 100.00 per simple table/report/form and 100.00 per join or lookup.

If you need a business application, we need to talk first and I will give you a fair estimate that should save you some serious money. 

I also make web database applications, phone apps, hybrid(web/desktop/phone/tablet combined)