About US

We were born when we were asked by a local church to help them with their site that they had signed up for at $39.00 a month($468.00 a year).  Realizing they had NO email and only had frontend access to do what was needed and very little control of anything, we decided to start a better way for all religions to get their word out.  They had no database available except optionally, a calendar, no email to their domain name.   Example:   (their way)  instead of emails like  or (our way)

They also had a contact form, a map of their grounds, a calendar that worked and a few other things.  The main wish was for a true email account and were told they should sign up with gmail or some other supplier. 

We are a religious Organization that saw ministries and others being grossly overcharged for the web services they wanted and needed.  We have the abilities, tools and experience to remedy all of this. 

The biggest thing is, we do NOT think everybody needs pure basic solutions.  Most are smart enough to handle most anything and with our help, they certainly can. 

Be sure and check our faq's page for a lot more information.

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