All Faith Web Sites Add-On's Explained

This should make the whole membership happy!


This is NOT a bookeeping system like others out there.  It is a double entry accounting system provided FREE by Manager at  Manager is it's own company and not affiliated with All Faith Sites.  The single user version is free and the multi user is currently $199.00 one time.  We consider this a very good offer for the ones that need it.  They provide a 30 day trial period with no payment up front.  All Faith Sites does not give support for Manager.  Manager does have videos on You tube to help.  They also have a very good forum.  The multi-user does operate on a winXP3 - win8.1, using one as a server as needed(I tested it).  If you wish to place it on the web, that can be done as well, but they have a cloud version for 19.00 a month.  It Includes just about everything you should need.

Suggested add-ons

You can download and install these yourself or we can help you as needed.  We are only suggesting what you may need.  There are hundreds of choices to choose from.

Mailer:  ACY Mailing( we use this)  Mailer

Blog: Easyblog the best or Joomblog less money, but works well

Forum:  Kunena We really like this one and we use it

Calendar:  CPCalendar We really like this one and we use it

Memberships: Membership Pro We really like this one and we use it 

Visitor Counter: Vinaroa   We really like this one and we use it

SSL or Green SSL:  at time of Sign up or later

Best Ecommerce HikaShop Sell anything with this (we use paypal with it)

Domains that we use:
Just be sure to set the dns to and for it to beuseable.  They can help you do that.


This is the easiest and least expensive way to have your own website.Use our lookup tool to be sure your NEW domain name is available, then sign up for your chosen plan.  Already have a domain name somewhere?  If so, just change yout DNS to match the one we give you.Your domain name provider can walk you right through that or can change it for you.


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